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About Boss Bitch

“Bitch:  A malicious, unpleasant, selfish person, especially a woman.”
Some fucking idiotic dictionary

Translation, a woman who is intelligent, direct, unyielding and fearless. See also Cruella de Ville, misunderstood entrepreneurial Disney Princess. You could include Alexis Carrington, a corporate raider whose tactics would have been lauded had she been a man. Add to that list Jeannette Rankin, suffragette, first woman in Congress, founding member of the ACLU and lifelong pacifist who summarized her 70-year career saying “I wish I’d been nastier.” What about  Cher? Enough said. She’s Cher!

I joined this illustrious group of women in second grade and haven’t regretted my membership for a moment. Long before “hey bitch” was the brunch-drunk mating call of Woo Woo girls it was the weak man’s fear based response to strong women. I want it back! I want to reclaim Bitch  for the ballsy broad in us all. And so, Boss Bitch was born…

I believe in the power of language and the use of super inappropriate humor to empower women. I believe in encouraging women to celebrate the Bitch within.  Take charge! Boss up!! Embrace your intelligence, your fearlessness, your independence, your strength! Embrace your inability to stay quiet and celebrate your ability to strike fear in the hearts of rule makers. Refuse to obey rules that simply don’t serve you! Say fuck it to “ladylike” and refuse to be defined! Refuse to be pinned down by expectations. Fall in love with the power and freedom that comes with being unreservedly YOU for YOU!

Boss Bitch designs are my way of reminding all of you Boss Bitches that you are strong, brilliant and beautiful. Use your power. Your power is YOU!  Whether you just raided a Fortune 500 Company and celebrated that success with martini soaked cartwheels across Jackson Square sans undies, own your strength. Make your own rules. Be strong. Be crazy. Be amazing. Be inappropriate. Be you!! Kiss your inner Boss Bitch on the cheek and send her out to make shit happen!!

Boss Bitches. May we know them, may we love them, may we be them!

“I’m not going to apologise for offending you. Actually, you should thank me.”
Courtney Love