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How Wearing My Undies Sideways Changed My Life

Kristin DickinsonComment

I started my company because I couldn’t survive another day in a cubicle making money for someone else. I wanted to build a business where I joyfully use my creativity and sarcasm. This is the story of a frenetic feminist who literally fell ass first into a brand based on self-acceptance, empowering women, and building a community that looked bad ass while upending the status quo. It all began because I wore my underwear sideways for an entire day.

I’m an absent minded, clumsy tornado in a teacup. I have a black sense of humor, a tongue that can clip a hedge and have never hesitated to use it. Big ups to the amazing Cyndie Spiegel for teaching me that being authentic means I’m not for everyone but being me means the right people will find me. Knowing that self-acceptance and authenticity attracts MY people has allowed me to embrace all parts of myself. Slowly, my tribe come to me authentically. Bette Davis said success is being hated by all the right people so I am off to a solid start. I’m Lucille Ball meets Courtney Love and that’s a connoisseur’s combination for sure. I’m ABSOLUTELY not for everyone.

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My moment of surrender was a come to Jesus as odd as I am. After a very long day I realized the underwear binding me and cutting off circulation wasn’t too small from a King Cake binge. It had been on sideways for the entire day. This isn’t a unique experience. My life has been a struggle to be more poised and serious to attain the gravitas I thought I needed to be taken seriously as a professional. Sideways Undies Thursday, I realized the qualities I was cultivating were forced, inauthentic and not at all me. Every time I failed to be something I am not I my self-confidence plummeted. That day, I decided to quit shit talking myself for being less than and embraced being MORE than...more intolerant of bullshit, more amused by my endless faux pas and more accepting of the real me.

I am NOT a person of gravitas or grace. I am all big picture and details be damned. I’m weird. I’m eccentric. I don’t turn down double dog dares. I am the kind of woman who won’t back down from a fight for what is right. My entire life by people who felt threatened by a woman stepping outside notions of “appropriate” behavior have called me a bitch. I have yet to be offended. It empowers me to challenge the status quo. When we unshackle ourselves from the bullshit of outdated gender norms and sexist beliefs and begin to be ourselves, it sends a message to the patriarchy. When rules and roles don’t fit me, I say fuck them and so I’ve been about as pure a bitch as a bitch can be all my life. 

 The Undies Epiphany was that I AM the person who wears underwear sideways. I am the Mamacita who falls off high heels while dancing and breaks a leg in two places. I am the Kitten who reaches for lip-gloss, mistakenly slathers liquid concealer all over her mouth and wears it all evening unaware. It has been indescribably freeing to find myself dragging toilet paper across the room on the sole of my shoe with unshaken self-confidence. It doesn’t lessen my power to shake things up. My quirks make me unique. They have become my superpower. People admire someone confident enough to embrace their weird and remain unfazed while tugging Charmin from their Chanel pumps!

I am a cartoon character with a foul, fearless voice and the mind to back it up. I AM my brand and it’s a brand intended to create a community of women who encourage other women to feel strong, powerful and confident enough to be self-defined. I want women to find power in EVERY part of who they are. Your strength is in embracing your truest, weirdest, most honest self. Your quirks are the source of a unique power that attracts the kind of like-minded women who will become your tribe. 


 Boss Bitch is about loving ALL of yourself and embracing all the things that make you magic. Boss Bitch’s mission is to gather a community of women determined to live their most authentic life, to empower, encourage and embrace one another entirely, to engage in a collective dialog and take an active role in addressing the personal, social and political issues that affect us all. I want us to make the world a better place to be a Boss Bitch and to look badass while we do it!!

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